We have a team of experienced professionals who work on different types of liquidations including solvent liquidations, investment funds liquidation, and judiciary liquidations.


We act as a court-appointed receiver and help to manage assets in our possession, making all key managerial decisions to maintain and maximise the value of an estate.

Judicial Management

We perform a thorough review for company or individual with an aim of rehabilitating any issue or concern. We also suggest financial and operational strategies to optimise value and turn the business around.

Forensic Accounting Investigation

We strongly believe that fraud is one of the major causes of corporate failures around the world. We aim to help to recover your loss as well as implement fraud-preventive measures.

Why do Businesses and Individuals Need Corporate Recovery Services?

  • To help you recover lost money and install fraud prevention mechanisms.
  • Saves businesses and individuals the agony of losing funds fraudulently which may lead to insolvency issues.
  • Offers an economical way of dealing with fraud as opposed to appointing an attorney to represent you in court which more often than not, turns out to be too expensive.