Statutory Audits

Audits are planned and performed in a way that minimises risks of material misstatements, such that the financials are presented in compliance with the relevant statutory requirements. We ensure the stakeholders of the organisation can trust the quality of the financial statements.

We take on our role as auditors with great pride.  We have strict quality standards and high expectations of our professionals to strive to deliver ‘best experience’ to all our clients by delivering a high quality and efficient service, which causes minimum disruption and provides maximum commercial value.

Our team members are well-trained and well-equipped with the latest changes to the accounting and auditing standards. We are not only auditors but your trusted business advisors. We will endeavour to help in your business needs.

Through our global alliance of accountants and lawyers, we will be able to leverage on the expertise of our partners worldwide to access to the cross border knowledge.

Agreed Upon Procedures

We can perform agreed-upon procedures which benefits clients covering financial and non-financial information to produce factual findings about operational processes or financial information.

Special Reviews

Upon your request, we can conduct special audits to address some specified concerns in your organisation.

Due Diligence

We also provide a detailed report regarding certain investments to confirm material facts such as the financial records, the actual occurrence of transactions, among other things.

Why Conduct Audit & Assurance?

  • To ensure accountability
  • To provide assurance to stakeholders
  • To provide reliability
  • To boost your credit rating and value to creditors and investors respectively.