JBS Practice and CSR


Guided by our vision to be one of Asia's leading assurance and audit partners, we view ourselves as one to return to the community and society at large. To this end, we work with our employees and stakeholders to contribute to solutions that enriches the lives of others. We are committed to all of our stakeholders-including clients, shareholders, employees and the communities where we do business-to deliver engaging, valuable and sustainable mobility for all.

For the community

JBS Practice breaks the tradition of simply volunteering, by ensuring we have active role in creating sustainability in the community. The core of our activities that revolve around giving back to the community is not just limited to the norm of community engagement. We adopt an encompassing exterior outlook and associate it with our core business objectives. We strongly take the view that the next generation is always crucial. These are a few things that we involve ourselves with:

  • Pro-bono services for non-profit organisations
  • Various contributions to provide specific needs for underprivileged children

For our employees


We emphasize on the importance of contributing to the development of the firm through the growth of our employees. Through various activities, JBS  Practice has focused on enabling all its employees to perform at their full potential and reach even greater heights. Each and every employee must be able to work in a conducive environment and in good health in order to perform at his or her full potential. We regard it as crucial to create a workplace where employees can work enthusiastically with job satisfaction and in a state of physical and mental health. JBS Practice offers a number of support programs and strives to foster an encouraging corporate culture.